Electrical Machinery Motor

Ma'anshan High-Tech Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1993. It is an advanced technology enterprise with high-performance permanent magnet ferroxy material production, operation and science and technology development, and belongs to the electronic information materials industry.

  • MGC
  • Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province
  • According to customer order quantity
  • 10,000 tons/year
  • Information

Automobile motor class:

EPS motor magnetic tile

electrical machinery motor

Starter magnetic tile

electrical machinery motor

Oil pump motor magnetic tile

electrical machinery motor

window motor

electrical machinery motor

electrical machinery motor

Home appliance motors:

Refrigerator inverter compressor

Air conditioner inverter magnetic tile

washing machine magnetic tile

electrical machinery motor

Soymilk machine, wall breaker

range hood

Lawn mower

In addition to permanent magnets, we can also manufacture various component products according to the special needs of customers, such as motor housing components, high-speed rotors and precision stepping motor rotors and other motor components.

The traditional couplings are all contact type, and the service life is limited due to wear and other reasons, and in the workplace where sealing is required, there is often a leakage problem due to the defect of the dynamic seal. The magnetic coupling greatly increases the service life because of the non-contact working method using the principle of magnetic coupling. Moreover, the dynamic seal is changed to a static seal, which solves the problem of leakage in one fell swoop. 

AIC's many years of experience in the field of magnetic technology allow us to provide you with professional magnetic product services. At the same time, it has customer customization and independent research and development capabilities to provide you with the most optimized product design and application solutions. 

Stepper motor components are bonded or injected together with NdFeB magnets and metal parts. 

AIC Engineering has extensive experience in manufacturing permanent magnet stepping rotors.

This rotary group has large torque and low noise. We can assemble shafts and gears with magnetic rotors into assemblies.

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