Is there any requirement for the product order quantity

Generally there is a minimum starting quantity, a single batch of value in about 10,000-20,000


What if there is no conforming mold for the first product

If there is no conforming mold, a new mold needs to be opened first. The production cycle of the new mold is 20-25 days. The product production can be carried out after the mold production is completed and verified


How long is the regular production delivery period after the formal mass production

Generally 25 days, delivered by order delivery


What is the difference between the product performance of the different materials

The common performance of general car starter is MGC 36h, MGC 37h series; the common performance of air conditioner and refrigerator is MGC 35b, MGC 36b series; the common performance of electric tools and ceiling fans is MGC 33, MGC35 series (MGC is our company's magnetic tile brand)

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