Motor magnet

2022-02-23 10:00

Below the Curie temperature, there are many small areas with their respective spontaneous magnetic moments, with paired magnetic moments.Their alignment is disordered, such as magnetization without a magnetic field, and as a whole, the magnetic moment is zero.These small areas are called magnetic

War.The interface between the magnetic tiles is called a magnetic tile wall.

There is a strong "exchange coupling" action between adjacent electrons in ferromagnets, where their spin magnetic moments can "spontaneously" neatly arranged in small regions to form small regions of spontaneous magnetization, called magnetic tiles.In the unmagnetized ferromagnets, although each tile has a certain spontaneous magnetization direction and great magnetism, the direction of numerous magnetic tiles varies so that the entire ferromagnetism is not magnetized.

When the electroferromagnets are in the external magnetic field, the volume of the spontaneous magnetization direction and the external magnetic field direction expands with the external magnetic field and turns the magnetization direction further to the external magnetic field direction.

It is widely used in industrial electrical equipment and automobile electric systems such as efficient, light DC motor manufacturing, such as deceleration motor, servo DC motor, motor motorcycle starting motor, automobile doors and window lifting motor, wiper motor, seat motor, cold and temperature wind motor, oil pump motor, motorcycle magnetomotor, treadmill motor, automobile ABS system, door lock motor and electric tools, etc.

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